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3fAP - 3fAP Masturbator

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€ 99.90
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  • Unique masturbator with 3 sleeves included
  • Have your favorite vagina, butt and blow-jobs whenever you like
  • Suction can be adjusted for every sleeve seperatly
  • The best multifunctional toy for men

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The 3fAP Masturbator is designed by the founder of Autoblow Masturbator and is the first male sex toy that lets you enjoy three different masturbation sensations in one experience. The masturbator consists of a combination of 3 sleeves: a mouth, a pussy and a butt, and they sure feel like the real deal. Each sleeve has its own speciaal design and structure plus a option to adjust the suction inside the sleeve. This suction is easily adjusted with just a switch on the outside of the masturbator. 

The 3fAP Masturbator is a dream come true making sure you just need one sex toy in your masturbation collection. The 3fAP Masturbator makes sure you never have to change sleeves or toys again, 3fAP Masturbator is ready to do it all for you. The structure inside the vaginal sleeve has been designed based on a World's Most Beautiful Vagina Contest and was 3D printed to look like the winner. The sleeves are flexible and give you a real life experience and they are fit for any penis size.

Material: Cyberskin
Length: 32 cm
Suction: 3 options
Vibrations: No
Flexible: Yes
Waterproof: Yes
Bodysafe: Yes

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