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All orders are shipped via UPS or PostNL. We search which of the two companies can deliver your order the fastest. There is also the possibility to deliver the package to an address other than your billing address, for example when it is a gift.

Shipping Costs:
- Within the Netherlands and Belgium shipment costs: € 5.00 (incl. VAT)
- Europa Zone 1 € 14,00,- 
- Europa Zone 2 € 15,00,- 
- Europa Zone  € 20,00,-
- Worldwide Delivery to ALL the other countries € 25,00,-
Orders, placed and payed from Monday till Friday before 15:00 pm (if in stock), are sent the same day. If the product is not available at the relevant time, we always try to get the product(s) through other providers. If this fails, we will send you a message. Usually this means the product(s) will be delivered a few days later. If you do not agree with this, please feel free to cancel your order and the amount will be refunded directly to your account (including shipping costs).
Delivery time in The Netherlands and Belgium
The following table shows approximately how long it lasts, before the order is delivered, depending on the day and the time you placed your order. These delivery times apply when you pay with PayPal, Mister Cash or Afterpay.
When you choose to transfer the invoice amount by bank, your order will be sent after we have received the amount. Please note that this may take several days. We therefore recommend to pay using iDEAL. 
Order placed at:
Day of Delivery*:
Monday before 15 pm
Monday after 15 pm
Tuesday before 15 pm
Tuesday after 15 pm
Wednesday before 15 pm
Wednesday after 15 pm
Thursday before 15 pm
Thursday after 15 pm
Friday before 15 pm
Friday after 15 pm


Receiving the Order
Hot Stuff has an agreement with UPS and PostNL all shipments must be signed. We also agreed with them that the package may not be deivered at the neighbours under any circumstances.
The packaging is completely discreet, from the outside of the box you can not figure out that Hot Stuff is the sender, if your package is sent by PostNL, MyParcel is 'the sender' and with UPS,  'Stuff Online' is the sender. Because of this it is not traceable where the package is coming from for others. 

Delivery Attemps

PostNL: PostNL will try to deliver your package twice, If you are not home the first delivery, they will be back the next day for a next delivery attempt. With the second absence PostNL will offer you two choices, or make a delivery appointment with the date you are at home, or PostNL delivers the package at the post office, where you can pick up your order.

UPS: UPS tries three times to deliver your package at the delivery address and leaves a note at the first failed delivery attempt, which you you can use to make an appointment with them online. If you do not make an appointment online, UPS tries to deliver your package for the second time. If this attempt also fails, you are asked to contact UPS to make a delivery appointment with them or to make an appointment for picking the package up.

Track & Trace
At Hot Stuff it is possible to follow your order after it is sent from one of our distribution centers or our store. You will receive an email with a Track & Trace code. This is a free service. With the Track & Trace number you can follow your package closely. You can also follow your package by making an account on our website, than you can follow what state your order is presently located. For example, 'packed & ready for dispatch' that is why we advice you to make an account.

Pick up your order at our offline shop
When you rather do not want your package to be sent, you can also pick your order up at our offline shop in the centre of Amsterdam. 

The Adress:

Hot Stuff Amsterdam
Lange Niezel 23

Our shop is at a five minute walk from Amsterdam Central Station. It is also possible to go by public transport.

Please contact us about when you want to pick your order up, so we maybe can bring products out of our warehouse, if they are sold out in our shop. Also take your invoice with you, which you receive by mail after you have completed your order at the website