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MyStim - Charming Chuck Penis Strap S&M

€ 34.90

Set of 2 elastic straps for the most intense stimulation.The straps are easily to bend and can be easily adjusted. Can be used around the penis head or the testicles. [video_here] ..
MyStim - Electrode Gel For Tens Units S&M

€ 14.90

Mystim Electrode Gel Electroconductive adhesion, it is not necessary to fix the electrode by means of an adhesive tape.   50 gram ..
MyStim - Rodeo Robin Penis Straps S&M

€ 34.90

This Mystim Rodeo Robin - Penis Testicle Strap set is perfectly suitable for an especially intense stimulation and provokes a tingly, sensuous pleasures which can either lead you quickly to the most unexpected heights, or can be enjoyed for hours. Thanks to the fact that the straps are adjustab..
MyStim - Pure Vibes Control Unit S&M

€ 94.90

Mystim Pure Vibes - analog e-stim TENS unit With Mystim to new heights. By means of soft electrical impulse you can stimulate or heavily excite almost every area of your body. However you like! Enjoy the undescribeable comforting trickling sensation that spreads over your entire body and w..
MyStim - Tension Lover Controlunit S&M

€ 139.90

Mystim Tension Lover - digital e-stim TENS unit With Mystim to new heights. By means of soft electrical impulse you can stimulate or heavily excite almost every area of your body. However you like! Enjoy the undescribeable comforting trickling sensation that spreads over your entire body a..
MyStim - The Goldfather Conductive Enhancer S&M

€ 19.90

The Goldfather is a high-quality conducting gel containing pure 23-carat gold. It is 100% safe to use with latex condoms, has an optimal PH balance, is water-soluble, and fat free. Its skin-friendly properties have been dermatologically tested. The lubricant is perfect for playing with electronic se..
MyStim - Plunging Pete Corona Strap S&M

€ 74.90

For the fancy: with his 24K gold-plated urethral sound flanked by two golden balls, our Plunging Pete stimulates the glans from both outside and inside. The urethral probe has a slim diameter of 4 mm that is easily inserted even if you’ve never done that before. The short length of 35 mm takes good ..
ElectraStim - Solid Metal Cock Ring Set 5 Sizes S&M

€ 69.90

You could improve the intensity or your orgasms and maximise your pleasure when you use our ElectraRings cock ring set. Wearing 2 of these uni-polar cock rings anywhere along your shaft can give you powerful contractions and stimulating tingles throughout your length, complementing masturbation, for..
MyStim - O(h!)thello Dildo S&M

€ 84.90

Massive metal dildo for electrical exaltations. His roundings are full of relish and perfect for a very special anal or vaginal stimulation that provokes a tingling pleasure, that can lead you to sensational orgasms. Made of aluminium and accurately polished by hand. The dildo can be warmed by ..
ElectraStim - Square Self Adhesive Pads S&M

€ 14.90

Our best-selling square uni-polar ElectraPads are a staple of any electro-sex kit and are included with many of our stimulators. They're incredibly easy to use and can be worn anywhere below your waist to intensify the sensations you feel during masturbation, foreplay and sex.Connect 2 pads to a sin..
ElectraStim - Long Self Adhesive Pads S&M

€ 19.90

Longer and slimmer than our original square ElectraPads, this set of 4 uni-polar self-adhesive pads can be used for more precise stimulation across the labia, around the penis, over the perineum or anywhere else below the waist.Because the surface area is smaller, you experience more intense stimula..
MyStim - Tingly Timmy E-Dildo S&M

€ 79.90

Tingly Timmy gives you twice the excitement: he has four poles – conductive surfaces on the sides of the body – with two additional ones on the extra finger that is placed directly on clitoris or perineum, depending on whether you are putting it to vaginal or anal use. Tingly Timmy is made of 100..
MyStim - Spiny Spencer E-Stim 1 Wheel Spinwheel  S&M

€ 49.90

He is often mistaken for a pasta wheel, but although let's say - he is pretty much suitable to use on noodles - that's not what our Extra Spiny Spencer is mainly about: he is a monopolar e-stim toy with small wheels that provide gentle to intense stimulation to all body parts. It impresses with..
MyStim - Pearly Pete Corona Penis Strap S&M

€ 59.90

For the focused: our Pearly Pete comes with three gold-plated balls aligned along the arc, he spans over the tip of the penis – and where they touch the skin they get right to the point. [video_here] The gold not only makes the stimulation more even, it also focuses it, so that the tingling and pu..
Mystim - Cluster Buster Wireless Estim Device Starterkit S&M

€ 159.90

In chic black and silver the latest stimulator by Mystim looks elegant but his inner values are even more impressive: The Mystim Cluster Buster comes in a set containing the remote control and the smaller receiver. This receiver is compatible with all Mystim accessories, so that they can all be remo..
MyStim - Bonnie & Glide H20 Lubricant

€ 9.90

Bonnie & Glide is a high-quality, medical-grade, waterbased lubricant which is 100% safe to use with latex condoms, has an optimal PH balance, is water-soluble, and fat-free. Its skin friendly properties have been dermatologically tested. The lubricant is perfect for playing with sex toys. ..
ElectraStim - Flick Stimulatr Multi-Pack S&M

€ 199.90

The ElectraStim EM60-M Flick Multipack includes 3 electrodes, an ElectraStim Flick single-channel stimulator and all of the necessary wires and accessories.Our rechargeable ElectraStim Flick EM60 Stimulator has a single stimulation channel, 7 stimulating patterns, 24 intensities and a revolutionary ..
ElectraStim - Conductive Gel S&M

€ 9.90

ElectraStim electroconductive gel has been specially formulated for use with our external electrodes. Using just a little of this clear gel will improve conductivity so you'll feel more sensation during play.Use just a little to lubricate cock rings, pinwheels, clamps and other estim sex toys design..
MyStim - Mighty Merlin Dildo S&M

€ 149.90

This Mystim Mighty Merlin - Daggerdildo is especially smooth and has soft forms.This slim dildo does not only invite to fanciful games, but is also ideal in order to satisfy ones partner vaginal or anal, due to the fact, that the own hand is protected from the stimulation current by a plastics grip...
Mystim - Heavenly Henry S&M

€ 44.90

Our Heavenly Henry truly creates heavenly pleasures. He likes to please the good and the bad boys with his smooth bi-polar silicone body.Henry's curves can be easily adjusted so that he'll perfectly fit any little angels’ bells, head or shaft.FeaturesMaterial: SiliconeBodysafe: YesE-Stim: Yes (Tensi..
MyStim - Elektrodes For Tens Unit S&M

€ 14.90

Mystim Electrodes for tens units4 Self-adhesive electrodes, for multiple use, suitable for all devices with 2 mm plug. Content: 4 pcs. ..
Mystim - Booty Garland Anal Chain S S&M

€ 79.90

Booty Garland S is an ergonimically formed bi-polar e-stim anal bead with cable plugs on the side, allowing for comfortable wear even for longer periods. This "Booty Garland” not only looks decorative, it also packs a punch. These literal balls of electrostimulation will send you to heaven through t..
MyStim - Barry Bite Electro Clamps S&M

€ 54.90

Mystim Barry Bite - 2-pin clamps with gold plated contacts. Content: 2 clamps, Mystim Round Plug. [video_here] ..
ElectraStim - Wave Electro Dildo S&M

€ 149.90

Beautifully crafted from marine-grade aluminium, this ribbed metal dildo offers intensified stimulation along its whole length thanks to its full curves and deep ridges. Ideal for using with or without one of our stimulation units, the cool metal surface of the Wave dildo provides expert G-spot and ..
ElectraStim - Sterile Lubricant Sachets-Pack Accessoires

€ 14.90

Surgilube is a popular lubricant used by medical professionals. It's a sterile lube that has been formulated to be bacteriostatic to keep play more hygienic. The clear jelly solution is thick and long lasting to assist insertion, making it ideal for use with anal sex toys and urethral probes.Each sa..
ElectraStim - Spare (Replacement) Cable S&M

€ 14.90

It's important to keep your ElectraStim cables in good working order to ensure safety during play. If your connecting wire has seen better days then it may be time to replace it.Our universal connecting cable is compatible with our full range of ElectraStim stimulators and has 2 x 2 mm pin connector..
ElectraStim - Rubber Adjustable Cock and Scrotal Loops S&M

€ 54.90

Our uni-polar ElectraLoops could not only help you enjoy lovemaking for longer, they could also give you hands-free orgasms! Wear our ElectraLoops around any part of your shaft to help enhance sexual sensation with estim sensations and maximise the intensity of your orgasms with the virility-boostin..
ElectraStim - Rocket Electro Dildo S&M

€ 179.90

Crafted from marine-grade aluminum with a semi-realistic shape, Rocket is a beautifully smooth bi-polar electrosex dildo with a realistic 16,5 cm insertable length and satisfying 12,7 cm girth at the widest point. Enjoyable with or without one of our stimulation units, this large metal dildo enhance..

Electro Sex - Are you ready for a new addition to your sexlife because just vibrators and dildo's are getting to boring for you? Here you will find a collection toys that will give you a whole new experience: electro sex toys. Electro toys give out soft (or intens) electro shocks to wherever you like and you will soon be turned on and have lots of fun. These toys are extremly safe and will bring you lots of joy.