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Hot Stuff guarantees the usability and virtue of Hot Stuff’s delivered products, conform the provided specifications. All our products are ensured with legal warranty rights on which you, as consumer, can plead when needed. The assigned date on your invoice will be used as effective date for your guarantee.

You cannot plead the warranty rights when:

- A product is damaged deliberately or has been treated with negligence.
- A product is damaged because it has been used in wrong ways or was taken care of with negligence.
- When the product is concerned with wastage.

When their is a unfounded complaint we will send you the costs we made.

If a product is defected or does not function the way it is suppose to, you can contact our customer service to apply for a guarantee form.

Return the defected product to us as soon as possible within 14 days after we conferment you with a guarantee form. Defected retours without or with a incomplete filled in guarantee form will not be taken in. In that case we will return your product and charge you for the costs to do so.